Zero Subtlety from the CineManArt series

Zero Subtlety

ArtGraeco’s homoerotic take on the 1953 romantic comedy How to Marry a Millionaire, starring Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, and Lauren Bacall as shameless (beautiful and dumb) gold-diggers trying to land millionaire husbands.

The misogynist plot- the idea that the only way a woman can amount to anything is to attach herself to a (rich) man – is not exactly the pinnacle of equality…

The CineManArt series by ArtGraeco reframes the moment in the film when Monroe comes out of a dressing room modeling a bathing suit to illustrate the ridiculous plot and the absolute dunces or zero subtleties of the characters.

CineManArt is a series of photomontages, collages and digital art by ArtGraeco that recast characters of mainstream movies, change scenarios and subvert plots. These up-stagings add new dimensions – some solemn, others playful – to the stereotypes, the intolerance and homophobia cinema portrayed for over 100 years of filmmaking.

The CineManArt series by Artgraeco depicts what cinema could be and could have been more of: open, daring, defiant, fair, inclusive.

The homoeroticism here speaks to the subtext of sexual tensions and desires that flow between those of the same gender and the subversive homoerotic imagery in the movies.


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