Histoire 21 from the Histoires D’Hommes series

Histoire 21

Photo art by ArtGraeco from the Histoires D’Hommes series

Histoires D’Hommes confronts policing of male sexuality in art and appropriates pornography as a creative platform through mostly erotic, highly suggestive, somewhat explicit, barely hardcore gay porn imagery.

It is neither the first nor last time art slips into the land of pornography or vice versa. The line between art and pornography is consistently blurred anyway; my art certainly doesn’t shy away from the male nude form as it is.

With Histoires D’Hommes Ι don’t intend to challenge “the fine line between art and porn”, “push the envelope,” none of that. I intend to elicit appreciation rather than arousal.

I explore erotic depictions of the male nude, catching an ideal lovers’ moment, capturing a passionate feeling, a deep longing.

With Histoires D’Hommes I pay homage to the early 80’s, late 70’s and vintage male erotica. As multi-layered entities, the images acquire the uncertainty of memory, the imprecision of fantasy, the contortion of dreams and the frill of nostalgia.

More information on art by Graeco at http://www.artgraeco.com


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